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2012Scalping V1.0- The profit Metatrader Expert Advisor for Forex System trading. While a human trader cannot watch so many indicators and trend to make a trading decision. 2012Scalping V1.0 can help you to do. Also this is totally automated Forex Trading system. You just setup and have a cup of coffee and watch or sleep, you will see your money expanding!

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Main feature of 2012Scalping V1.0

This EA (universal version):

Note: You may attach each single EA for different currency pair at same time with 3 specific EA below, this EA will automatic monitor market and place order only ONE PAIR at a time. This way you may get more profit.

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Sigle specific EA:

2012Scalping V1.0 for EURCHF-H4        Go To BackTest Details »

2012Scalping V2.0 for EURUSD-M30     Go To BackTest Details »

2012Scalping V3.0 for GBPUSD-M30     Go To BackTest Details »

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